An Indian Girl And the Old Railway

This was the first photoshoot we had in Singapore with a professional model. We get connected with Vitalina via Facebook and met to implement her idea with an Indian feather headdress. As a starting point we took Lana Del Rey’s image in her ‘Ride’ music video and tried to create something similar. So we made a fringed top for our model, we picked the place (Bukit Timah’s old railway track) and here is the result:


This shot was the best we made that day.

It’s not so easy to apply and maintain any heavy makeup in Singapore climate, so we put the color strips on Vilatina’s face only when we arrived to the place and she changed. Now we have waterproof cosmetics to paint something like this on model’s face and not to worry about renewing the paint every 5 minutes.

That was the first, but, fortunately, not the last collaboration with Vitalina. The posts of other projects with her are coming soon, so don’t forget to check our blog!

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