Seaside Photoshoot With Cari Li

In Moscow it is quite easy to find a model for cooperation on TFP (‘time for print’) basis. TFP means that photographer, model, other photoshoot participants (makeup artist, hairstylist, fashion designer) work together and spend their time in a project for free, just to build up or update their portfolios or simply because of being interested in a project.

After moving to Singapore we realised the situation here differed. In Singapore you cannot find crowds of young models eager to update there portfolios. However, we got lucky and found a wonderful model for our first portrait photoshoot in the City of Lion: Cari Li. Cari is a personal trainer, a very nice person and a beautiful young lady. What we like the most is her charming smile.

Honestly, there was almost nothing to do for makeup artist here. Just Benefit’s PRO balm, some powder, a jentle touch of eyebrow pencil, mascara, a little bit of eye shadows and lip gloss. The natural look was the best choice for that photoshoot.


The weather was not just cloudy, it was rainy! During the photoshoot we hade to get out of the rain three times and soaked to the skin in the end. Anyway, we had a lot of fun and got couple of nice shots with Cari. Hope one day we will do it again.

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